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Annual Summary and Recognition Conference of Anhui Mascotop in 2018
Time:2019/1/8  Visitors:706
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Joy is accompanied by sweat, success is accompanied by hardship. In order to accumulate experience, summarize lessons and check achievements; At the same time, share the success, set up the model and praise the advanced. On the afternoon of December 30, all Mascotop's family gathered together to hold the year-end summary .

At the meeting, the heads of all departments made a summary of the annual work. At the same time, they solemnly commended many outstanding individuals and groups, such as the annual sales champion (second) army, outstanding employees, outstanding team, 6S advanced collective, winners of sports competitions and chairman's special prize.

Wang Jun, chairman of the board of directors, finally published the annual report of "Re-starting with Cohesion", and put forward new goals and requirements for all the work in 2019. Looking forward to the future, in the new year, with the joint efforts of all Mascotop people, Mascotop's various undertakings will surely rise to a higher level.

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